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Balloon Glows

Location and Days

The Fairgrounds Balloon Glows is an event that features hot-air-balloons being inflated after dark on both Friday and Saturday evening. This special activity offers viewers a spectacle of fire and color unlike anything else you’re likely to see on a warm summer evening in Southern Wisconsin (or anywhere else for that matter). Hot air balloons stand like over-grown Chinese lanterns against the night sky, providing a breathtaking new perspective on the world of ballooning.

As seen in the video from a previous year, balloons launch in the evening (weather permitting) around 6:00 pm and fly from the fairgrounds (direction based on winds) and later return to the fairgrounds to setup again for a demonstration that begins between 8/8:30. As daylight fades, between 9/9:30, the balloons perform coordinated glows.

In addition, many times the Balloon Event Coordinator, will allow people to come out to the field to get up close and personal with the balloons and teams, as well as take videos and photos.

Friday 8:30 p.m. Fairgrounds Balloon Glow Green County Fairgrounds
Saturday 8:30 p.m. Fairgrounds Balloon Glow Green County Fairgrounds

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Father’s Day Weekend = Balloon & Blues Festival

Father’s Day Weekend = Balloon & Blues Festival



Where to Stay, Eat and What to Do in Green County

Thanks to Green County Tourism, we have access to a great list of local lodging, events, tours, outdoor recreation, as well as eating establishments in and around Green County.

Of course, we hope that you spend time eating and drinking at the Midway on the Green County Fairgrounds supporting a lot of wonderful local non-profits and businesses, but there may be times you want to wander off to see and do other outstanding Green County stuff.

Things to Do:
Food & Drink:
Cheese & Beer:
Outdoors & Trails: