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In Memory

ARC, the organizers of the Monroe Balloon and Blues Festival would like to honor and send it’s regards to the Family of Jack Monaghan. Jack was a wonderful father of his children and exemplifies the dedication of a man who knew the importance of children of disabilities.

Parents are very important in all our lives, but those with children and adults who have special needs go well above and beyond!

ARC recognizes and salutes all parent, like Jack and his memory will never be forgotten!

Getting Ready!

Monroe Balloon & Blues Festival is getting things ready for this afternoon, ARE YOU READY?!?!?


  1. Blues Band Tent & Stage are going up this morning and are 100% FREE – Beer wagon is available to quench the thirst of any fan. Feel free to bring chairs. Carry in Alcohol is prohibited!
  2. Of course, nothing slows down the Classic Car Show on Saturday and it is likely we will have a special visit from the Planter’s Nutmobile & Oscar Meyer Wienermobile.
  3. Midway will be full blast with unique food, crafts, vendors and activities for the kids.
  4. Dairy Day Cattle Show, which will be hosted by the community of Monticello, will be held Saturday.
  5. The Balloon launch is set for 6:00PM Friday and Saturday. Early risers can come out for a pancake breakfast before the 6:00AM Saturday launch.
  6. Balloon Demonstrations & Glow at 8:30PM Friday and Saturday evenings. Field packs up early, so arrive prior for good seats.

Remember, will do everything possibly so everyone remains as safe as possible and weather plays a very important part in this! For balloon activities: rain, thunder, lightening,as well as even wind speed and direction (both at ground level and higher altitudes) can require modifications to balloon activities. Remember, our balloonists come to fly and are more disappointed then anyone when things don’t work out.

PLEASE monitor our FACEBOOK and TWITTER account as we post live updates as soon as changes are required!!!


Balloon & Blues Festival – Father’s Day Weekend

Balloon & Blues Festival

Flying High