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Balloons in Flight



Blues Bands

Friday, June 17th

7:00-8:00pm: The Leman Quartet
Bird_Dog_Blues8:30-10:00pm: Bird Dog Blues Band: our own Bird Dog Ken Olufs bringing on the blues harmonica to our stage!





Saturday, June 18th

Left-Wing_Bourbon2:30-4:00pm: Left Wing Bourbon Bandout of Chippewa Valley will bring on their style of blues.



jimmys-group-24:30-6:00pm: The Jimmys take the stage next and we love the Jimmys! The Jimmys have with their new CD-Hot Dish has national and international fans!




Brent Johnson and The Call Up 26:30-8:00pm Next upBrent Johnson and the Call Up. Brent after being Bryan Lee’s guitar player for over 10-years is going to take our stage next bringing on Guitar-based blues with a little folk, funk and a taste of New Orleans R&B.


BB1019_TimeAintFree_lo8:30-10:00pm: Our last band is none other than Nick Moss Band bringing on some Chicago Blues and ROCK AND ROLL WITH SOUL AND BLUES WITH A GROOVE –Featuring the amazing vocals of Michael Ledbetter, (Descendant of the Great Ledbelly) and the blazing inventive fretwork of guitar master Nick Moss.

Dance, like nobody is watching! Drink ‘mo Beer!

Classic Car Show at the Balloon & Blues Festival

Part of the Balloon Rally is the Hot Air and Hot Wheels Car Show hosted on the fairgrounds midway on Saturday. The show draws vehicles in 21 different categories. Come and view all the hot cars or register and participate as an exhibitor.

Visit the Hot Air and Hot Wheels Car Show on Facebook