The Monroe Balloon & Blues Festival is proud to announce that the Stackhouse will be playing live Saturday June 16th 2:30-4:00pm

Stackhouse is a Soul & Blues trio featuring Xavi Lynn, Garrett Wartenweiler, and Derek Hendrickson! Bound to make you get down!

“Xavier Lynn is one of the best young guitar players I’ve ever met. He plays with an intensity and poise that you will rarely see in such a young musician. Xavier possesses the technical skill and confidence of someone twice his age. He is like a sponge constantly soaking up any style of genuine American music he sets his mind to play including jazz, blues, soul, gospel, and funk.” (Joe Nosek, Cash Box Kings)

Don’t let his age fool you, 18-year old Xavier Lynn is as well traveled as any seasoned bluesman. Originally born in London to American and British parents, Xavier grew accustom to life on the move, subsequently making his home in San Diego, CA, Austin, TX, Geneva, Switzerland, Madison, WI, and Cleveland, OH where he currently resides. While he was drawn to blues and gospel from an early age, his travels led him to learn and embrace a diverse array of musical styles.

In Geneva, he was introduced to music from Africa and the Caribbean, learning to play Central African gospel music and soukous, a popular form of dance music originating in the Congo Basin; as well as exploring the music of Guadeloupe with vocalist and francophone superstar Francky Vincent. Living in Geneva also afforded Lynn the opportunity to regularly attend the world-renowned Montreux Jazz Festival, where nightly jam sessions allowed him to sit-in with some of music’s biggest names, including the Roots, Jon Batiste, Nigel Hall, and Sam Smith. Ironically, the musician who most influenced him while in Europe was another American – drummer Vic Pitts of the late 60’s Milwaukee R&B group Vic Pitts and the Cheaters. From Pitts, Lynn gained a deeper understanding and appreciation of funk and R&B and was also introduced to Cheaters’ guitar player Van Patterson.

A 2014 move from Geneva to Madison, WI, enabled Lynn to further his relationship with Patterson who happened to still be living in Milwaukee. While working with Patterson, Xavier focused on gospel quartet and soul, and learned to tastefully incorporate his diverse musical background into the blues. Presently, Xavier is regularly playing throughout the Midwest and Europe, captivating audiences with his energetic stage shows and authentic enthusiasm for performance. In addition to fronting his own group, Lynn has also performed with the Jimmy’s, the Cash Box Kings, Russel Thompson (of the O’Jays), and the late Clyde Stubblefield of the James Brown Band. His debut solo album is set to be released in summer 2018.

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